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Caricatures ...or as I would prefer to say 'Cartoons' (I don't do the traditional big head, small body and exaggerated features thing) I like my drawings to represent the individual. I try to capture their image as well as their personality.

These are ideal birthday, retirement or anniversary gifts for family, friends and work colleagues.

If you would like to order one of my Cartoon Caricatures all I need are a few clear photographs (at least one of the person smiling!)and as much information as you can supply me with relating to the person i.e. likes.. dislikes.. hobbies.. job.. pets...favourite holidays.. tipple.. music etc..give me as much detail as you can and I will play around to create their own specifically personalised cartoon caricature.

Please allow a minimum of 14 days from ordering to collection.

A4 Size 1 x person (mounted) ~ £40
A3 Size 2 x person(mounted) ~ £60

A3 Size family/groups (mounted) ~ £100

Postage and Packing - £7 per Caricature.

Full payment required in advance for all Postal commissions.

Call 01382 543116 or e-mail


Gallery page 1

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